8 February 2024

The REBORN project recently celebrated a significant milestone with its one-year technical meeting held on February 7th and 8th at the Fundación Parque Tecnológico de la Salud (Fundación PTS) in Granada. The event brought together all consortium members to review progress and discuss future initiatives.

The meeting commenced with poignant tributes to Rafael of REGEMAT 3D, a key figure in the project who passed away in December. Noelia Campillo delivered a heartfelt speech, reminiscing Rafael’s contributions and his enduring impact on the project.

Throughout the two-day gathering, consortium members engaged in in-depth discussions covering various aspects of the project, including:

WP1 – Project management, risk assessment, and ethical issues

WP2 – Specifications, requirements, and benchmarking

WP3 – Multifunctional biomaterials and REBORN technologies

In the afternoon, key highlights from the meeting included focused sessions on:

WP4 – Conventional and advanced in vitro testing

WP8 – Business Case Development, Exploitation, and Dissemination

The participants also seized the opportunity to harness the occasion by taking a group photograph set against the backdrop of the picturesque location.

As the meeting drew to a close, REBORN partners expressed optimism about the project’s trajectory, reaffirming their commitment to its success.

In addition to the discussions, on the second day, attendees were guided by REGEMAT 3D colleagues to a tour of the Centro de empresas PTS. The tour showcased state-of-the-art laboratories and featured a workshop highlighting the sophisticated Biop Kneetor and 3D bioprinting capabilities. Colleagues were fascinated by the demonstrations and even had the opportunity to examine printable models firsthand.

With two intensive and fruitful days behind them, participants departed with a renewed sense of purpose, energized to continue their collaborative efforts in advancing regenerative medicine through the REBORN project.

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