16 July 2023

On 13 July 2023, the Consortium Meeting of the first 6 months of the HEurope REBORN project was held in Pisa (Italy). The meeting, hosted by the partner SSSA (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna) in the Aula Magna of the Institute, shown an active participation of all the representatives, technical and administrative, of the thirteen project partners.

The day focused on sharing the progress of the project activities with a presentation of the activities and analyzes carried out since the beginning of the project, the first results obtained, the action plan for the coming months.

Among the main topics discussed:

Project management, risk management and ethical issues (WP1 – POLITO, WH, I3S);

– Requirements, specifications, comparative analysis (WP2 – UP, UC, SSSA, CELL, SANT);

– Multifunctional biomaterials and technologies for REBORN (WP3 – POLITO, UNEW, SSSA, BIO);

– Conventional and advanced in vitro tests (WP4 – UNEW, UC);

Business case development, exploitation and dissemination (WP8 – BEWH).

The meeting proved to be very important at an operational level with the exchange of ideas, analysis of critical points, discussion of doubts, sharing of possible solutions, all driven by a strong spirit of collaboration, support, availability and proactivity from all partners. The project activities have started on schedule and are following the expected plan.

At the end of the presentations, the participants were involved in a final discussion with the definition of the next steps, at a technical and organizational level, and the preparation for the 12-month monitoring and updating meeting.